What You Need To Know About Your State

Here are some suggestions on how to research the party platform process in your state. It’s up to you how extensive you want your effort to be. Perhaps you can work with others to have a larger local impact! You don’t need to limit your effort to one political party. Caregiving is a nonpartisan issue.

Overview of political process for both Democrats and Republicans

  • Does the state have a primary or caucus system?
  • Who can attend local, regional, and state meetings?
  • Who can vote at each meeting?


  • Regional Party Conventions
  • State Party Conventions
  • When is the Party Platform drafted?
  • When is the Party Platform voted on and adopted?

Is there a State Party Policy Platform Committee?

  • How do people become members? (i.e. are they elected or appointed?)
  • When does this happen?
  • When do they meet?
  • Who is on the committee?
  • How can they be contacted?

What the current status of caregiver support available in the state?

  • What are the gaps?
  • How do caregivers find information?
  • How do they pay for support?
  • What impact does this have on their family?
  • What impact does this have on their personal well-being?
  • What impact does this have on their employment?

Who else is already working on these issues in the state?

  • Identify businesses, nonprofit organizations, caregiver support groups, advocacy organizations, that are working to support caregivers; it is helpful to have both an organization’s name and the lead person’s contact information.

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