Why State Platforms Matter

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Our goal is to get key platform issues that matter to caregivers of frail elders discussed in every state this political season. In the months running up to a national election, political meetings will be held in every state to help parties create their platforms.

State party platforms are declarations of what matters to the people in that party and state. Creating a state party platform defines issues that are important to people in your state and lets voters know where that party stands.

Voters are always being told that their vote matters. That’s true, but their voices also matter before the election is ever held. These meetings are golden opportunities to influence awareness about issues. In some ways, the meetings that lead up to the final vote on adoption of a platform are more important that what the platform actually says.

Including policy language in state political party platforms is a powerful tool for change. It’s easier than you might think to affect your state party platforms, and the effects can go far beyond the meeting rooms where your voice is heard.

We don’t have a specific party in mind. The issues discussed will differ in every state. We want to get people talking and get your party on record.

Regardless of all the other issues that may divide us, we all want it to be safe to get old.

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