Portrait of Victoria Walker, MD

Welcome to the Family Caregiver Platform Project

Welcome to the Family Caregiver Platform Project! It is an honor to serve as your National Coordinator. The hard work of volunteers across the United States on behalf of family caregivers has an impact that we have been able to track through this project.

In 2016 our volunteers made 29 language submissions in 22 states. Language was officially adopted in eight state party platforms, one state party resolution, and two state bipartisan legislative resolutions. Moreover, both Democrats and Republicans included language in their 2016 National Platforms affirming the importance of family caregiving and home care.

State political parties will continue meeting and discussing their values and priorities in 2017. Following the 2016 presidential election, Americans of all parties are more aware of and engaged with political processes than ever. Caregiving is important to American families of all political philosophies. You can ensure that family caregiving issues are included in political discussions in your community and state.

In 2017, the Democratic parties in Massachusetts and Utah will be updating their party platforms. If you live in either of those states contact your state party to find out how you can give input to their platform process. You can read what we know about their processes on their individual state pages. You may also want to pursue having your State Legislature issue a bipartisan resolution affirming the importance of family caregiving, as was done in South Dakota and Mississippi in 2016.

We encourage everyone to read our suggested caregiver platform planks as a source for ideas to advance in your state. Examples of submission language for state party platforms and legislative resolutions can be found on our downloads page.

— Victoria Walker, MD, Chief Medical and Quality Officer for the Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society

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