State Alzheimer’s Disease Plans

The Alzheimer’s Association has put together a detailed list of recommendations for Alzheimer’s caregivers. The document includes supports for caregivers in each state, along with each states’ plans to increase education and encourage families to participate in training programs to care for Alzheimer’s patients. All caregivers should have access to services that protect the safety of the patient and work to ensure caregivers are properly trained.

The detailed list can be found on the Alzheimer’s Association website here:

PBS: Caring for Mom and Dad

“Caring for Mom and Dad” tells the important story of caregivers of dementia patients, and PBS does a god job raising the difficult questions caregivers face every day. The hour-long special covers the challenges adult children face caring for their aging parents, including raising young children, caring for dementia patients in their homes, and the frustrations and challenges of caregiver support. The episode calls for local communities to raise the bar to meet the challenges of family caregivers.

“Caring for Mom and Dad” can be viewed on the PBS website, and it is wonderfully narrated by Academy Award winner Meryl Streep. PBS also shows short clips of caregiver profiles, interviews with caregiving experts, and helpful resources.

To watch “Caring for Mom and Dad” please follow this link to the PBS website: