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You can make a big impact by letting others in your community know you are a good person to contact for information about family caregiving issues. You can help others in the following ways:

  • Develop current information about what’s going on in your state. Here’s what you need to know about your state.
  • Help coordinate the work of volunteers within your state. There may be someone who’s great at doing a particular task, such as monitoring the news or speaking at local meetings. You can help ensure that each person is involved in a way that they enjoy and are good at.
  • Help get the word out with journalists and bloggers.
  • A state contact person may work with one or more of the political parties in your state. We are a non-partisan organization. The parties you choose to focus on do not need to be your party affiliation, but in some cases your eligibility to participate in local political events will be determined by your own party affiliation.
  • Help update a calendar of political and caregiving events for your state. State timelines include things like when your state party political conventions happen, when party platform committees meet, and opportunities for public input to the political process.
  • Help write a summary of how the political platform process works for one or more of the political parties in your state.
  • Help identify action steps withing your state. Examples might be alerting volunteers about actions that they can take.
  • Identify key state politicians and community organizers.
  • Develop state-specific language addressing issues important to your community and state.
  • Help write state-specific letters that volunteers can use when contacting state officials.
  • Send letters to policy makers and state political activists.
  • Identify organizations within your state that may want to partner with us.
  • Identify caregiver support resources within your state.
  • Monitor news about caregiving issues in your state and help us cover key stories.
  • Share your own personal story of caregiving on this web site.

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