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Here is a template of a letter to political leaders in South Dakota.

Dear [Name];

You have an important role within the state political party process. I am writing to ask that you support South Dakota’s families and communities by supporting family caregivers.

Including family caregiver support on the ___________ Party Platform leading up to the 2016 presidential election will send a strong message to candidates and policymakers that our party understands and cares about commonsense approaches that help families navigate the challenges that aging often brings.

As our state and society rapidly ages, too many people are burying their heads in the sand. We need leadership to recognize that changes in the way that we organize assistance for family caregivers are both reasonable and necessary. Just as we must keep pace with changes in technology, we need to keep pace with the changing needs of South Dakota families.

The attached one-pager shows a few examples of what you can do; it is not an exhaustive list. You may have other good ideas on how to accomplish these goals, and I hope that you will be inspired to think about how we can take action together to lend a helping hand to family caregivers by sponsoring a conversation during the party platform process, or offering a resolution.

This is an opportunity for your party to show leadership in an area that impacts nearly every family in South Dakota.

We stand ready to help and salute your efforts and commitment.


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