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Suggested Platform Planks

Read our page for caregiver platform planks.

Recommendations for North Carolina from the Alzheimer’s Association


  • Develop a comprehensive “virtual resource center” for caregivers on the Department of Health and Human Services website, including a link to an updated dementia toolkit available on the Duke Family Support Program website. Available information should include (a) information about Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias; (b) information on financial and logistical preparation for caregiving and end-of-life care; (c) resources for services, including employer-based services, adult day care, caregiver respite services, and financial assistance; (d) training resources; (e) safety resources, including tips on home safety, community safety, and technological innovations (such as Safe Return and other web-based tools); (f) resources and supports for health care providers, including information on available trainings and on starting conversations with patients and families about financial planning and safety concerns; and (g) tools for preliminary assessment of caregiver needs.
  • Provide adequate funding for family caregiver support services, including dementia-specific respite through Project CARE.
  • Partner with employers and business interest to develop policies to encourage active employer participation in support for employee caregivers, including: (a) education for employers about dementia, the role of family caregivers, and promotion of caregiver-friendly policies; (b) flextime, paid and unpaid family leave, non-discrimination policies for caregivers, telecommuting, referral programs, respite services, on-site support groups, awareness of available benefits, explanation of family and leave-related policies, and specialized employee assistance programs; and (c) identification of corporate/employers champions.
  • Enact legislation to study the needs of working family caregivers.

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