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The Family Caregiver Platform Project made a submission to the Democratic Party which was in turn submitted during the party caucuses held in in February, 2016.

The 2016 Iowa Democratic Party Platform in the section on Health and Human Services, under “General Health” includes support for “caregiver respite services”

In the section on Health and Human Services, under “Adults, Aging and Disabilities” the platform supports:

rigorous, timely state inspection of:
a. SNF
b. ALF
c. MIMR facilities
healthcare staffing based on acuity/care-levels
protecting LGBTQ elders against discrimination
increased funding for independent living
increased funding for:
b. dementia research while expanding diagnosis/care
c. elder-abuse prevention
d. AAA 2
consumer representation on HHS review boards
strengthening ADA

Read the Iowa Democratic Party 2016 Platform .

Iowa Democratic Party 4th Congressional District

In some states, local party organizations below the state level adopt their own platforms. On April 30, 2016, the Iowa Democratic Party 4th Congressional District added caregiver support to the 4th District Platform. Points specific to caregiver support include:

  • Person-centered care
  • Training and supports for caregivers
  • Caregiver tax credits
  • Focus on living at home.

The full plank on Aging and Disabilities appears on page 37 of the 4th Congressional District convention call book, which you can read at:

Iowa Democratic Party
5661 Fleur Drive
Des Moines, IA 50321

Key dates for Iowa Democrats

  • Precinct Caucuses: February 1, 2016–Delegates selected to county conventions
  • County Conventions: March 12, 2016–Delegates selected to district conventions
  • District Conventions: April 30, 2016–District Conventions convened. District-level delegates and alternates selected.
  • The Iowa State Convention was held in Des Moines on June 18, 2016.

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