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Platform Process

The national Republican Party creates a new platform every four years, coinciding with the presidential election year. The 2016 platform was adopted at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on July 18-21. 2016. The words “caregiver” and “caregiving” do not appear anywhere in the text of the 2016 platform. The following passage refers to “homecare”:

Our aging population must have access to safe and affordable care. Because most seniors desire to age at home, we will make homecare a priority in public policy and will implement programs to protect against elder abuse.

During the input period for the 2016 platform, FCPP volunteers attempted to raise family caregiving issues. Here is an example of a suggestion one volunteer submitted on the Republican Party website:

I represent the Family Caregiver Platform Project, a non-partisan group that seeks to raise awareness of family caregiving issues nationally. For more information about our goals and recommended platform positions, visit our website at

There are currently 43.5 million Americans who provide unpaid care to a loved one who is ill, disabled, suffering from Alzheimer’s/dementia, or aged. The economic and health effects on caregivers are often enormous. I believe that family caregivers must be recognized and supported.

I respectfully request that the Platform Committee add a section to the platform titled “Family Caregivers” containing specific policy recommendations. I believe the platform should recognize caregiving as a health risk factor that warrants public health attention, encourage effective supportive services for caregivers such as respite care, and expand the availability of training and professional guidance to family caregivers.

I would be happy to elaborate on this or answer any questions you may have.

The 2016 Republican Party Platform can be found at The 2016 Platform for the Republican Party does not address the growth of the elderly population in America nor does it suggest sustainable ways to recognize and support their family caregivers.

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