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Mississippi Caregiver Support Resolution HC 100

On April 8, 2016, Mississippi House Concurrent Resolution HC 100 passed the Senate, the final step in Legislative approval. The resolution gives good background detail on the extent of caregiving needs in Mississippi and then resolves:

  • to commend and support the Caregivers Task Force in their zealous advocacy for senior citizens and individuals with special needs, and to support policies and initiatives to provide the support and training needed to make family caregiving more feasible, affordable and effective.
  • to encourage efforts at the state and national level to analyze population demographic trends to determine both current and future service requirements for care recipients and caregivers, and to permit data-driven policy and program recommendations about our aging populations and the workforce development needed to empower those who need care to heal, age and live in peace.
  • to encourage employers to establish policies that recognize the impact that caregiving can have on workers, encouraging employers to find ways to support their workers during difficult family times, and we encourage the creation of volunteer “Caregiver Corps” to provide nonmedical assistance and companionship to frail elders and others with disability at no public expense.

Details on the bill in a PDF of the bill are available at:

Mississippi Caregiver Support Resolution HC 100