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The Michigan Democratic platform is formed every two years by a convention committee. Membership on that committee is determined by elections at county and district conventions. The 2016 Platform was adopted at the August 2016 convention. Michigan Democratic Party Platform (2016) can be read at:

Two sections of the 2016 platform stand out as relevant to this project:

  • Under Section III/A/12. Health Care: Providing Health Security for Families and Individuals, the following bullet appears: “Improve childcare and nursing home conditions. The safety and quality of Michigan’s child care facilities and nursing homes have not been sufficiently addressed. Democrats will ensure conformance to appropriate safety standards, good hygiene practices, and appropriate caregiver training. Corporations that profit from the care of children, the elderly, or the incapacitated must be held accountable for the safety and quality of their service through appropriate regulation.”
  • Under section III/B/6. Seniors: Providing Retirement Security and Needed Services, the following bullet appears: “Provide home healthcare. Seniors and persons with disabilities should have the choice to direct their own care in their own homes and not be forced into nursing homes. Home care providers should be adequately screened and trained.”

Michigan Democratic State Central Committee
606 Townsend
Lansing, MI 48933
(517) 371-5410

Key dates for Michigan Democrats

  • District Conventions were held on May 21, 2016.
  • State Central Committee Meeting was held on June 11, 2016
  • Democratic Fall State Convention took place on August 27, 2016 in Lansing.