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Suggested Platform Planks

Read our page for caregiver platform planks.

Recommendations for Georgia from the Alzheimer’s Association


  • Ensure that local Aging and Disability Resource Centers as well as Area Agencies on Aging are aware of and promote existing training and informational materials available to family caregivers, especially those located in rural areas.
  • Evaluate the cost and feasibility of developing state and/or federally-funded caregiver support programs for caregivers who do not currently qualify for Medicaid services.
  • Offer accessible training for the family caregiver, including an understanding of the disease, its progression, and how it affects thinking and behavior; strategies for effective communication and behavior guidance; information about available resources and services; treatment; strategies for self-care; and the management of caregiver stress.
  • Provide funding and implement innovative models to increase caregivers’ access to respite that is provided through in-home respite providers, adult day service organizations, volunteer-based respite programs, and other sources.
  • Develop an ongoing repository of culturally sensitive resources for use by partners. Engage organizations as repositories that are currently serving in this capacity (such as the Rosalynn Carter Institute).
  • Create funding mechanisms to support family caregivers to keep their family member with dementia at home longer by providing reimbursement for personal care services, specialized medical supplies, and respite care, for example.
  • Use assistive technology to provide services and training in care and safety to help both persons with dementia and their caregivers. Research current and upcoming technology options being utilized for dementia. Create a Resource Guide for Adaptive Technology. Provide increased access to safety monitoring and support for caregivers.