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The Family Caregiver Platform Project submitted the following language for consideration to the new platform:

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Our state must show fiscal responsibility in response to an expected increase in the need for caregiving. The financial consequences of an aging population threaten to overwhelm both state and family budgets.
  • Both the state and individual counties should analyze their population demographic trends to determine both current and future service requirements for care recipients and caregivers, and understand the financial implications of coming demands.
    Family-friendly Business Practices
  • Our party recognizes the important role that businesses play in providing assistance to employees that are caring for an elderly family member.
  • As appropriate, we support compensation of that value through tax credits or other means when firms provide or underwrite adult day care services or other supportive services.
  • We encourage employers to establish policies that recognize the impact that caregiving can have on workers, and encourage employers to find ways to support their workers during difficult family times.

The Arkansas Republican Party’s 2016 platform, which does not address caregiver needs, is shown at their website:

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1201 West 6th Street
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201
(501) 372-7301

The Republican State Committee Meeting was held May 14, 2016  in Hot Springs.